Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Being Saved

I was feeling a little depressed a while ago
Because I turned off my phone in order to escape from a certain someone
It's not that that person did something bad to me
It's just I'm trying to avoid what comes after I reply
Seems that I'm not ready with the opportunity cost of my dream

So, it seems that person a bit upset because I didn't talk to him the whole day
I know what he asked is not what I wanted to do
And day by day I realizes I've lost my mind about him
I don't get him anymore
What he wanted me to do always against my own free will
And you know what, something happened

That Guardian Angel I told you, he help me again
He.. lends me ears and listen to my burden
Well, he always did that,
But somehow, I'm grateful that he listen to me and shares my thought
To have a friend like that, I must've been so lucky
No, he's not just a mere friend, he's my Guardian Angel

His words are like light
That guides me to find the path so that I can continue
Continue to walk towards what I believed in
He's so warm and gentle...
That's so unfair ...
I wonder how does he thought about me?
Maa, iika ~

Ah! So for HelloFest 9, it was a blast!
And I'm able to see 1000% Boyz' performance xD~
They're so awesome!
There are lots of cosplayers and costreets there too,
But what really caught my eyes are Sebas-chan and Ciel-chan cosplay
I don't know who they are or from what communities,
But they're great!!
Still feel the doki2 from HelloFest9

Oh, and I bought neko mimi and its tail
Kuroneko daa !~
Unfortunately I completely doki2 so I forgot that Sebas-chan likes kuroneko
Should've wear the tail and say "nyan" in front of Sebas-chan
But oh well hehe ~

I'm going to do my best!
Till next time, sparkling stars ~

Sunday, November 10, 2013

HelloFest 9

Yo Minna! How do you do?
I'm going to hellofest tomorrow!! Got permission hehe
Whoa so happy! But I don't know what time I arrive
Hopefully got to see 1000% Boyz performance as Quartet Night and Heavens
hehehe ~
What am I going to dress as?
No, no, no
Not cosplaying yet hehe
But I'm not going to dress up ordinarily
I dress up like Terumi's figure (imaginary character)
hehe ~
And I'm going to go with Maru-chan
She'll dress up as my twins
So actually it's our Terumi-Marumi twins figure hehe
And we're planning to do photo shoot for our first cosplay this month or next month ! xD~
Hopefully it becomes real
For my first cosplay I'm going to dress up as Rei's figure
And guess what? It has twins too xD
So me and Maru-chan will dress up as Rei-Rie twins
About what its look like, still a secret :)
I'll post it as soon as I got the photos, okay?

Till next time glittering stars ☆~

Friday, November 8, 2013

Trip To Cibubur

Ya minna! I'm in cibubur now
Just finished the outbound activity xD
My senpai-tachi are unexpectedly good in games and bargaining xD
Market system applied here lol xD
I enjoy my time to the fullest too
Still holding myself though hehe
But I'm getting better in dealing with people (I guess?) Lol
It's raining heavily so we have to stop the game, unfortunately D:
I think we're gonna go home soon
Miss my bed already DX
Watching danganronpa till late night drains my energy
But it's kinda worth it♥

Till next time, shining stars☆


Yo Minna! Another late post from me lol~
I'm start hesitating to cosplay.
Not that I'm stop wanting to become one.
But these questions keep popping in my mind:
a. will I be a good cosplayer?
b. am I good enough to become one?
c. How should I start it?
d. After preparing the things, what should I do next?

Ah~ how confusing
And I keep making excuses about this (T_T)
Anyone reading this post can you tell me how to start cosplay?
There will be HelloFest on Nov 10 (This Sunday)
Planning to do costreet initially but I don't think I'll make it on time
Haven't prepared anything and my schedule already full this week @_@
No more anime / Japanese Culture events till the end of this year
Planning to do photo shoot but still can't stand being in front of camera @_@

Just finished watching Dangan Ronpa
What a great anime! I understand now why people want to cosplay as Enoshima Junko
She is adorable <3
Still, I like Kirigiri Kyoko hehe ~ <3
She's just... stunning! <3
Lol ~ xD

Anw I'm so happy because the school's admin n marketing ppl praise my eye makeup =w=
One told me to use lens, and I am planning to learn how to use it xD
Long way to go, but slowly I might reach this dream I believe in <3
I'm just praying the best for all of you <3
And I really hope my dream to become cosplay came true <3

Til next time, honey stars ^o^

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Good Night ~

Just finished studying >.>
Not so sleepy because I drank coffee before studying >.>
Doesn't really matter though, the test is at 12pm lol xD~
Still I need to sleep now >.>
Eyes so tired @_@
Wish me luck for tomorrow's test
Luckily I love ICT, don't care how many time I study I didn't get bored lol ~
I listened to Uta no Prince-Sama, Vocaloid, and Kuroshitsuji Musical while studying xD~
So not sleepy at all when studying xD
Good night, candies <3

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dare To Dream High

Hey Guys, I know I post 2 posts at the same day.
But I just can’t wait to post this post! (lol)
So, tomorrow’s my last day of exam and I haven’t study much.
It’s not that I don’t care, but I just want to blogging atm lol ~
Oh! And I’m gonna posts pictures (by me) and videos (well, mostly youtube) soon!
See, I’m getting serious about blogging XD So excited!!
Let’s move on to the main topic.

In my last post, I’ve said that I have a dream that I believe in and I’m willing to work hard to achieve that dream.
Do you guys have dreams that you believe in?
If you do, then you would know how I feel! xD
Well, what do you think that dream is?
FYI, it’s not an academicals dream that the parents demanded.
My dream is to be… a cosplayer.

Okay, I know this might sound silly.
Because may be some of you did not see cosplay that highly.
Or maybe some of you think that to be a cosplay is an easy thing to do.
Now I’m telling you that for me, becoming a cosplayer is not an easy thing to do.
Well, I’m facing the normal problem that you might be facing also.
My parents do not allow me to do this cosplay thing… at all…
Be it to wear contact lens, buy costume or wigs or pallets (makeup) or any other things related to cosplay.
You might think this is an easy problem to deal with, but for me, this is the first time I need to go against my parents’ will to do what I really want to do.

Feeling Free

Hey guys, it’s been a while since my last post.
So, just now I decided to delete all my blogs and pages, and focusing only on this page.
Why? Well I just think now I need to be serious on what I want to do.
I am currently seeing a therapist right now.
No, I’m not sick or ill or suffer anything that needs to be cure.
Well I do, but not that serious you know…
At first I was just accompanying my siblings, well, there’re things happened.
But then I was curious and the therapist offer to check on me.
Then I think, why not? Maybe I will find something new about myself.
Why do you think I want to take the therapist?
Well, let’s rewind to a month ago.

Remember when I post about “The Guardian Angel”?
I was very depressed at that time. Why? I also didn’t know.
I just felt the world so heavy that I could hardly breath.
I felt that the world reject me, and the wish I hold inside of me.
I feel that I’m alone, that nobody is there for me when I need someone to talk to.
And so, that “Guardian Angel” came and lifted a little portion of my loneliness.
But that did not solve the burden on my heart.
That feeling continues until yesterday.